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Love the blue skies, but believe in the overcast…


The black clouds
Overtake the blue skies
The land becomes dark
But how can I despise?

For the realization of an instant
Began the agonizing thought
That nothing is the same forever
Why does this make me distraught?

I put my love and trust into forever
And now that is gone in a blink
The mourning lasts for a couple days
I can only hope the pain will shrink

When my view of everything
Was only days to come
I felt as though I had no other moves
And my once uplifting spirit was so very glum

But when the tears vanished
And my blurry vision was no more
I could see the future with determined eyes
It was like nothing I’ve felt before

For now I walk with a smile on my face
Not because loved ones can ever be replaced
But rather because I know my life has a plan
And the lesson being taught has only just begun

With that being said
The knowledge of the pain
Will be forever present in my brain
But the uttermost hurt, with time, will shed

Time with my precious kitty
Meant the world to me
And although she is gone
Her spirit lives on

My head is held high
And I do things to make myself happy
I can’t dwell on the past
Because what then is my future?

How can the dark clouds make me angry?
I have much enjoyed the blue skies
But everything must come to an end
I will muster my strength by knowing there are worse cries

You must experience the pain in order measure the pleasure
Love the clear skies, but believe in the overcast…

P.S. We got a pregnant kitty and she had five healthy kittens on Tuesday night. 🙂

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When the Sun Stops Shining…

When the sun stops shining…

The world will be floating in a shadow of despair

People will die

The Earth will be dark and cold

And there will be nothing

But the remnants of a torn apart world

A world that was put on a path to success from creation

But the people who make up the world had their own plans

For when the Earth stopped for a split second in hopes of signaling

The people went deaf

They did not zoom out to see the distraught universe

They had only tunnel vision and saw their own narrow path

Therefore with closed eyes, they marched along with their doom in hand

Holding it up and shouting that they had reached perfection

But when they got to the end

And opened their self centered eyes

They saw black dust and smoke

And the place they called home was being destroyed


The people with their faces of despondence

Started to cry

And through their tears

They continued to put each other at fault for what transpired

When all they had to do was open their eyes and see

That what could have saved the world

Is selflessness

And unity and love for the home they were given

For when the sun stops shining

I will understand it’s reason

What pleasure truly comes from working without appreciation?

When you can keep your heat and light for yourself

Just following the ways of the people

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