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Blissful Life


Oh how many times I fall in love with the world.

The utter beauty in campfires and long hikes in the woods and country music and the lake.

The beauty of all the things here, all the things that mean so much to me.

Good laughs with family and friends and precious time with a boyfriend.

The blueness of the sky and the whiteness of the clouds.

The fresh air I never can breathe in as deeply as desired.

The morning birds who sing their songs…always make me want to sing along.

The cool, crisp fall nights.

They happen in a blink, but always leave their imprint on me.

And then when I snuggle in my bed, I think how blessed I am to be a part of this forever changing, forever glorious, forever bliss we call life on Earth.

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The sound of the Earth

The time for thought

The miracle looming

Peace to the ears


Speaking to you without using words

Depending on other senses to define your surroundings

Finding solitude in the midst of chaos

Taking time to observe the things that don’t get much attention


The opposite of turbulence

The desire of the loner

It’s difficult to find

And frivolous for people who have not journeyed beneath the surface


A sacred moment for those who wish to experience it

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