Better with Dogs

Loyalty, effort, love, commitment, protection, company, selflessness

They are everything I look for in a friend

Right by my side when no one else is

Barking when they sense danger

Cuddling and loving every chance they get

Following my every step with excitement for the journey with me, not the destination

Innocent interest in any form of movement—butterfly, snake, bug, bird, bee

Napping much of the day but exerting everything they have when necessary

The ones who look me in the eye with admiration and no judgement at all

The ones I am around by choice when my day is rough


Oh puppies, the light of this world

Teach us your ways

And change this world to be more like you

Because I love you so

And I’m struggling to love the world

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Last in my world

Only for so many moments of my life

Can I be just like everyone else

Statues in a changing world


But for the moments that are mine,

I am not like them at all

Stay with me and learn me

And be able to see like I do


Turn all the way around

Open your eyes wide

And look through my lens


I don’t want perfect or sane

I want flawed and crazy

I want raw, earthbound souls who long for spontaneous perfect moments


Greet me, old soul

Even through my harsh lens

With magic and courage

And a desire to thrive


Brave the change

Conquer the fear of difference

And last in my world, although initially scary

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The Mysteries in Hiding


The following poem is a mixture of so many feelings. Some of those feelings can’t be put into words, so they turn out to be a mix of words that in no way express the feeling. Point of story—you don’t always have to make sense. Your story is in you. So know that you are amazing. And you will be successful. Let the world inspire you not to make sense. But write about it anyway, because one day, you will look back and remember those feelings through your words that made no sense.

What feelings I have to express
To put me in a world so deep
As to manipulate what I know is right
To sit here and weep

And what we all want is the same
But the approach reaches all ends of the spectrum
For the yearning to make a difference is so powerful
But to find the way is too tough

So we carry on with our sticks
We keep throwing our stones
Knowing the result could be prosperous
But the journey exhausting

I make promises to myself
Some go unthought about
But most linger
Making me furious

If I cannot achieve
How do I say
That I can change the world
It’s one step away

But the beautiful photos
The miraculous places
Only seem that way to those without experience
The problem is the experience

We are in the todays
In the truth
The light that’s always shining
The darkness always waiting

Take your time in the light
As much as you need
But know that the memories
Are always there for the fun

Change the world for yourself
By yourself
And in no regard to the mysteries
Keep the mysteries in hiding

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The sound of the Earth

The time for thought

The miracle looming

Peace to the ears


Speaking to you without using words

Depending on other senses to define your surroundings

Finding solitude in the midst of chaos

Taking time to observe the things that don’t get much attention


The opposite of turbulence

The desire of the loner

It’s difficult to find

And frivolous for people who have not journeyed beneath the surface


A sacred moment for those who wish to experience it

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When the Sun Stops Shining…

When the sun stops shining…

The world will be floating in a shadow of despair

People will die

The Earth will be dark and cold

And there will be nothing

But the remnants of a torn apart world

A world that was put on a path to success from creation

But the people who make up the world had their own plans

For when the Earth stopped for a split second in hopes of signaling

The people went deaf

They did not zoom out to see the distraught universe

They had only tunnel vision and saw their own narrow path

Therefore with closed eyes, they marched along with their doom in hand

Holding it up and shouting that they had reached perfection

But when they got to the end

And opened their self centered eyes

They saw black dust and smoke

And the place they called home was being destroyed


The people with their faces of despondence

Started to cry

And through their tears

They continued to put each other at fault for what transpired

When all they had to do was open their eyes and see

That what could have saved the world

Is selflessness

And unity and love for the home they were given

For when the sun stops shining

I will understand it’s reason

What pleasure truly comes from working without appreciation?

When you can keep your heat and light for yourself

Just following the ways of the people

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A Stroll in the Mind

Sometimes I wander (wonder)

Either with my legs or with my mind or both

My legs take me far

My mind farther

And both take me to places I’ve never explored

In my mind I find peace

When I think, I smile

And when my legs are in motion

My mind never stops

It gives blood to my brain

And knowledge to my fingers

I want to remain in that spot forever

Where I feel powerful and sagacious

When I think, I can’t be criticized

Because my thoughts are only known by me

Unless I study them intently and decide to share them

Either verbally or on a page

My brain is my lock box

I store thoughts there

Until I throw them away or attemp to perfect them for the public

With my legs and mind working together

I have managed to enter the middle of nowhere

Which is somewhere spectacular

And my mind has entered a completely different world

At this point, I am the farthest away from society

And I am enjoying myself

Because with just myself and nature

I am free, finally

But I must mosey back to reality

Where I can be a contributing factor to my world

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When I face humanity…

When I face humanity

I am constantly amazed by the level of stupidity

When I face humanity

I see people getting caught up in rumors and lies

When I face humanity

I witness the screams of help from people who just want to fit in

When I face humanity

My jaw drops at seeing the level of their minds

When I face humanity

I get disgusted with the lack of respect and the lack of courage

When I face humanity

I just want to return to solitude

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What is a mistake?

Something you did wrong?

Something you regret doing?

Something you get in trouble for?

People makes these things called “mistakes” everyday

Nobody is perfect, they can only strive to be

But without our mistakes

We wouldn’t know what we are doing wrong

And we wouldn’t know what to do to change it

The only way to grow closer to perfection is by making mistakes

We must think of our wrongdoings as life lessons

Things to prevent doing in the future

And after all…

The wisest person is the person who has made the most mistakes

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“There” is no better than “here”

Wherever you go

There you are

You should never be somewhere

And wish to be far

Life is a journey

Enjoy the step you’re on

Because tomorrow at this time

That step will be gone

Every stage has its “ups”

Things that you relish

And then there are “downs”

That you still need to embellish

No matter where you are in life

The next stage seems superior

However you’ll find out

That the previous stage wasn’t inferior

If you continue living life

Not happy about where you are

Soon your life will be over

The excitement of life afar…

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Circling Heart

In my dreams there you are

In reality where’d you go

Everything was so perfect

Like crisp white snow

You were you and I was me

Because you are the best you there will ever be

You made me laugh and smile

And I wondered if this would last a while

Just when I’m sure that this could be real

I lose all confidence

You disappear

Back into isolation I go

My heart is heavy

And my dreams are slow

The once crisp white snow is melted and brown

For where my heart takes me, I’ve never found

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