One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to Luggage Lady for nominating me for this award! She was my inspiration for starting my blog. xoxo

Seven Random Things about thelittletable:

  1. In preschool, the other kids didn’t think I could talk because I was so shy.
  2. I can’t kill a spider or a bug in my house because they all have a family to go home to.
  3. I’m allergic to peanuts, but have never had to use my Epipen.
  4. I spend my summers at the lake, swimming, boating, skiing, and tubing.
  5. I relate better to animals than people.
  6. I wanted to be home schooled because unlike many kids, I actually enjoy learning and want to go at a faster pace.
  7. I like even, composite numbers and clocks.

I am nominating the following inspirational bloggers:

  1. lifeartnotes
  2. poetryblogofmine
  3. Neeraj
  4. sethrowland
  5. cookie200007

Thank you everyone for reading my blog! I’m so happy I entered the blogosphere…I hope to continue to inspire others as others inspire me. 🙂

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