Producing Reality?


We go to the theaters and watch happy endings

But why are the movies so different from real life?

Would the movie be a hit if it ended in tragedy?

What if the conflict is not resolved?

The public couldn’t see something like that

What a horrible scenario we would have to endure

Isn’t it nice to watch a divorced couple get back together

Just before the wedding to another mate

Or long term friendships sprout into love

The good guys always win

Just when you think they are outnumbered

There is always one guy who comes in and saves the day

Are there only a few story lines that send us home happy?

And is that even one of the jobs of the producer?

Can we not watch as sorrow overcomes?

If we experience a realistic ending, would we enjoy the movie?

Or would we rather see something that seldom happens?

Most movies are the best case scenario where everything works out in the end

Everything doesn’t always work out in the end…

Is society so weak that we won’t handle reality?

Is this why we go to the theaters?

So that we can watch only what we want to see?

Here we are on this planet

All we can see is green grass and a blue sky

Could our population handle what we see when the backdrop gets taken away?

We have been shielded and protected from what we weren’t meant to witness

And when everything is sugarcoated…

It is hard to differenciate between reality and merely a dream

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