Who is “I”?

For every tree I climb

For every word I rhyme

For everything I learn

For every road I turn

Why am I here?

For every holiday season

For everything I must reason

For every mistake I’ve made

For every color that will fade

What is this place?

For every animal I admire

For every element I require

For every smile on my face

For every dream I chase

When do I know?

For every dark starry night

For everything that needs a fight

For every walk I will take

For every memory I will make

How does this work?

For every lantern lit trail

For every letter I mail

For every song that’s played

For every characteristic I’ve portrayed

Where am I headed?

For every thought that has crossed my mind

For every word that’s undefined

For every bit of kindness I have saved

For every stone that has been engraved

Who is “I”?

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4 thoughts on “Who is “I”?

  1. Beautifully profound…

  2. Thanks a lot! xoxo 🙂

  3. Lovely! I hope you never stop asking questions. Your poem reminds me of why I love young people so much. My teens keep my mind and heart young!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. Thanks for reading! xoxo

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