Just a bird on a telephone line…

I feel like a bird

On a telephone line

Sitting here all alone

Many flocks fly by

But I remain on the telephone line

I have the same color feathers as many of the other birds

I’m even about the same size

But if I leave my telephone line

I would have to fly and socialize

I wouldn’t be able to choose my own path

I wouldn’t be able to fly in my own direction

I’d be doing what the flock wanted to do

Not saying anything, fearing rejection

I had many chances to be a part of the flock

And I would have fit in just fine

I could have been average

Like all the others

Following the leader day and night

But I’d rather fly by myself

In the opposite direction

Thinking and feeling the wind through my feathers

Not spending time chirping among the others

For being just an average bird is easy to do

But standing out among the others takes a brave bird

A bird that strives to be different

And our differences are the only things that tell us apart

I just wish they would stop feeling sorry for me

And landing on my telephone line

I suppose the gesture is polite

However, I cringe at just the sight

“Go on, I’ll be fine…”

So here I sit, on my telephone line…

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2 thoughts on “Just a bird on a telephone line…

  1. This leaves me speechless! So profound, so insightful — and utterly beautiful. Thanks for making a middle-aged lady SMILE today!! xo

  2. Thank you for reading!! xoxo

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