Passion for success

The only things you aren’t good at, you don’t want to be good at

Every person was created with the same capabilities

It’s how you exercise your capabilities, however

That makes one individual exceed in one point of interest

And another exceed in another

The only thing people lack is the emotional will

The will to want something for yourself

The will to want to make yourself succeed and exceed

And though the battle may be elusive

The feeling you get when you have conquered

Is the most astonishing feeling

You are powerful and knowing

And no matter what it is

It will be special to you

And you will enjoy it

Because we all like what we are good at

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4 thoughts on “Passion for success

  1. Every person was created with the same capabilities
    What about people born with only one arm, or one leg? Or otherwise disabled?
    The only thing people lack is the emotional will
    Or access to clean, safe water supplies…
    I respect the need to be positive, but I feel it’s a particular brand of middle-class, comfortable philosophy that tells us we can be anything if we try. We cannot. Social mobility does not exist, some people are starving, some in dreadful poverty.
    We can do great things, and we must try, but we need to have the decency not to tell the starving that they’re only held back by a lack of will.

  2. Oops. Posted that comment before seeing that you’re 14. I was a bit harsh in that case.
    Don’t take my comments to heart. It’s good to feel hopeful and great to see someone so young thinking positively. Keep blogging and don’t be hurt by this ranting old fart!

  3. I agree that there are some cases such as physical disability that might make some dreams unable to pursue and I’m sorry for offending anyone. I think that no matter what your disadvantages are, (and everybody has them) there is still a dream out there in everyone’s grasp. If someone born with one leg dreams of becoming a marathon runner, that might be a little tricky (but still possible with a prosthetic leg). However, there are so many things that he may be blessed with such as writing or photography. And as I said in my post, whatever you are good at, you like. There are so many other options to enjoy. And again, I’m sorry for offending anyone; I definitely didn’t mean it like that.

    Secondly, if people have the emotional will to be something or do something, I think anything is possible. My heart goes out to the people that are working hard and still struggling and in poverty, but with the will to exceed and better yourself; you could get a job to put food on the table. In this day and age, we have many government programs that are helping those people in poverty to have food on the table and to be taken care of medically. Everyone is very different and has a different story, but we all have the ability to do something we love and love something we do. Therefore everyone has the potential to accomplish their greatest dreams, one way or another. Wanting a change and having the will to make a difference will likely get people out of poverty. Hard work, getting a job, putting food on the table, these things can be done with the will to get them done. With no will, their lives are never going to change. They will continue to be in poverty. But I believe that being in poverty once does not mean you must be in poverty the rest of your life. You have to fight that battle in order to do what you love to do. That’s where the word “passion” comes from. Anybody can have a passion and anybody can conquer a dream. Certain people may not be able to conquer a certain dream because of conditions; however, everybody can conquer a dream with the will.

    And I think we should have the decency TO tell the starving people in poverty that they are only held back by the lack of will. We need to let them know that when they get past the muck they are in, there is a grassy green pasture that lies beyond. And yes, it is easy for me to say this since I am in the middle class and I don’t know what it’s like. But the feeling I get through my writing is a great feeling, and I believe that once the people in poverty realize that they want to do something with their lives, they have the ability to come up through the dirt and start on solid ground.

    I give you my sincerest thank you for reading my blog and commenting! And always feel free to share what’s on your mind, no matter my age. One way I am going to grow and understand life is by taking criticism so I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. I will check out your blog as well! 🙂

  4. Oh, my precious “little table”…YOU, my dear, are WISE beyond your years!! Congratulations! This is a true gift that will allow YOU to lift yourself well above the mediocrity of the masses who buy into the sad concept that, without a. b. or c — they will surely never succeed at anything. My father used to say, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” Oh Boy! You go girl. Your BRIGHT attitude is the reason this planet is still turning! We need to clone you this very minute!!!!!!! xoxoxo

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