The Brainstorm

The lightning strikes.

The thunder booms.

The ideas come falling from the clouds that are my brain.

They land on my tongue one by one, and I savor them each.

The ones I don’t like I spit on the ground.

I am brainstorming with rain pouring and sleet falling making my head hurt with great intensity.

Though the pain is great, the feeling of ideas booming in my mind is exotic.

Things left and right, I have choices.

My mind has become a blizzard with great thoughts intermixed.

Straining to admire the glory of each, I close my eyes and let my mind wonder to places afar, bringing back ideas.

Every time I do so, boom, crash, spark!

A light bulb goes off in my head telling me what has happened in the time my eyes are resting.

Ideas in my mind are energy.

The energy that keeps my body moving at the appropriate pace.

No ideas, no movement.

No movement, no ideas.

One thing leads to the next and boom, crash, spark.

It happens at a sudden motion that leaves me speechless with only what’s behind my eyes at work.

The mind is the most powerful thing.

It is a resemblance of you.

What you have done and what you will do.

It allows your mouth to rest and your innards to move giving you a sudden spark of heat.

The power of the brain is something quite exquisite.

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One thought on “The Brainstorm

  1. Love it! Keep them coming, my little table.

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